Media 's Effect On Public Opinion Essay

1431 Words Apr 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Do you typically trust news providers to display the most truthful and up to date facts and details regarding current events? Deceitful, new providers and the media, in general, lie to the public all the time. With slanted and biased opinions, the mass media affects how the public views important events. These lies help media outlets make money and tilt the public opinion in their favor. Mainstream media lies to the general public and slants truth in order to make profit, often by twisting facts and fabricating outrageous stories, resulting in the shifting of public opinion regarding important issues. When it comes down to it, one sole motivator, sums up why media lies and twists the news to the public: money. Through the sale of advertisements, the media makes money. Companies pay media outlets to show advertisement on public programs. As traffic of the program and more importantly the advertisement fluctuates, the media can raise or lower the price of ads to better suit the company 's needs. The more traffic, the more money. To increase viewing of news programs and the reading of blogs, only the most interesting and “juiciest” stories receive publishment. The more outrageous and noticeable, the better. Anything goes when it comes to popular stories. This type of article trends easily and helps to raise profits. Now lying comes into play. Boring and traffic producing stories are typically exaggerated by publishers to create public interest. (Holiday 32-34) Selling the…

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