Media Relations : The Area Of Public Relations Essay

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The area of public relations that I’m highly interested in is Media Relations. I chose media relations because I’m drawn to the idea of creating a presence for a company online. Social media is completely changing how people consume, and that affects those who work in Media relations. While some may be intimidated by that, I choose to look at it as a challenge to get bloggers, and subsequently the public, to buy into the product or service I’m trying to sell. There’s a lot of critical thinking that goes into this area of public relations, and not just with how to sell the product/service, but how to remain relevant online as well. Through strategic thought and careful analyzation, someone in this job field can predict when the “next big thing” is going to happen, and beat other companies to the punch in emphasizing that online. Throughout the last ten years or so, it’s been interesting to see which trends have come and gone, and I would love to be a part of that. The internship I came across was one for “Idea Grove”. It’s a social media and PR internship for spring 2017 in Dallas, Texas. After I’d read the responsibilities and requirements of the internship, it became clear how closely associated they were with the profession of a media relations specialist. These included keeping up to date with clients’ social media, creating and editing online content, working with bloggers to write content about the client online, and finding ways to create an even bigger online…

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