Media Lies Essay

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Do you typically trust news providers to display the most truthful and up to date facts and details regarding current events? Deceitful, new providers and the media, in general, lie to the public all the time. With slanted and biased opinions, the mass media affects how the public views important events. These lies help media outlets make money and tilt the public opinion in their favor. Mainstream media lies to the general public and slants truth in order to make profit, often by twisting facts and fabricating outrageous stories, resulting in the shifting of public opinion regarding important issues. When it comes down to it, one sole motivator, sums up why media lies and twists the news to the public: money. Through the sale of advertisements, …show more content…
It will always lie to benefit its cause even if these lies are at the public’s expense. Using advertising, the media makes plenty of income, but a more effective way of making money involves the buying and selling of blogging companies. The latter allows companies to make millions and the buying company becomes a richer, more powerful force in today 's media. Twisting the truth, creating a bigger story out of nothing with outrageous and crazy facts, and by headlining articles with an interesting title to draw the viewer in and get the traffic they need, describe the most common ways the media deceive the public. Because of the large corporations who own them, some media sources become corrupt. The corporations begin to dictate what the sources report. The lies committed by the media lead to several effects including setting the news agenda, framing news stories, and social desirability. All of these factors have important roles when determining the importance of the news. The mass media lies to the public to make money through twisting and slanting the truth; this alteration of facts changes how the public receives the news of today. Next time you see a crazy story on the news, will you believe it and let the media spoon feed you lies, or will you see through the haze of corporate

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