Media Has Control Over Our Minds Essay

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Media has control over our minds. Advertisers, movies, television shows, and magazines feed people’s minds with a false and perverted (“to change [something good] so that it is no longer what it was or should be” (Webster) view on body image for both men and women. Media uses tools such as Photoshop to change the model into a so-called perfect human form, which is usually unnatural and unachievable by the average person. Eating disorders, and low self-esteem seem to be a side effect of this. Media should not be so quick to change the human form because doing so is having a negative effect on both men and women’s mental state.
Medias most well know tool is photo editing used for changing the human form. They can take a photo of an average looking woman and make her into a goddess. Erase all of her blemishes, change her eye color, and reshape her entire body with just a few clicks of a mouse, and that is just skimming the surface of how much they can change. Photo editing has become too easily assessable to the public: examples being applications for cell phones and social media photo filters. Many artists would argue that people are not affected by the use of photo editing and that it is just a tool to help them create.
Because photographers see both the beginning and the end result of photo editing they are not affected by the negative aspects because they know that while they can create a perfect human form, it does not start that way (Saville) According to the Center of…

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