Meat In The Feast

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Meat In The Feast From processed meat, to everyday fast food restaurants American society has been prone to having meat as the main course of their meal. But through all the meat Americans consume, many Americans don't understand the flaws of how meat is processed starting from factory farms, anti-biotics & genetic manipulation, the health risk, and excess fat. Factory farms have been targeted for many years as one of the top issues in trying to regulate the meat industry, especially after the documentary Meet your Meat in 2002 exposing the biggest issue of them all, animal cruelty. Chickens and turkeys who have a yearly slaughter of nine billion(Solotaroff p.5), are crammed into a tight cage by the tens of thousands and also having all their beaks cut off so the chickens don't try to eat each other, a large number of …show more content…
They are often used to quicken the genetic growth of the animals, some other times they are to prevent disease which is called anti-biotic resistant bacteria, 81% in ground turkey, 69 % in porkchops, 55% ground beef, and 39% of chicken. In 2011, 29.9 million antibiotics were sold for meat and poultry, compared to 7.7 million for human use. The meat industry health risk can come from factory farms as well, on, studies have shown that illesses for humans can range in brain damage to other psychological issues. Also animal waste can cause ammonia, hydrogen, sulifite, methane, and volatile organic compounds. Another issue that went mainstream in recent years was "Pink slime". Originally pink slime is not consumable until treated by ommonial to decrease bacteria. Pink slime is made of all kinds of meat scrappings which is 80 percent fat and 20% meat. Ultimately, the food industry has major issues and has to be properly regulated, but for the time being, it is a choice in which humanity has to decide whether if they will continue to consume the meat or take action to the knowledge

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