America's Food Crisis Summary

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Analysis of “America’s Food Crisis”
The article “America’s Food Crisis” by Bryan Walsh is a mind stimulating read on Walsh’s examination of food production. No one really looks into the depths of food production as they should. In this article Walsh attempts to bring out the negatives on food production by stating facts on how it has affected us financially and health wise. Swift states that we should make smarter food choices instead of going by more are better. Walsh prosperously reveals his argument not trying to scare us into being vegetarians, but for us to make healthier food choices. The Article starts off by connecting with the reader deeply. He does this by making his point vivid with “packed in so tightly with other swine that their curly tails have been chopped off so they won’t bite one another” (Swift 469). Swift uses the
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Although it is not in the actual reading his argument does not lack credibility. “Bryan Walsh is now a staff writer for the magazine, specializing in environmental issues” (Swift 469). He also refers to other credible sources as well. “A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a dollar could buy 1,200 calories of potato chips or 875 calories of soda” shows another credible source (Swift 471). Although he did not lack credibility it was not his strongest point. The biography tells about him in the beginning and throughout the article it is obvious he have some knowledge on this topic. Bryan presents his argument properly. It is obvious that he is not trying to turn us against farm raised food, but to get us to make wiser choices. Bryan is in fact trying to inform us of the unhealthy farming conditions and its effects. By giving these stomach churning facts it encourages us to eat healthier and even look into where our food comes from. Walsh successfully uses pathos, logos and ethos in the article to deliver the point he desired to get

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