Essay on Mcdonald 's : Promotion Strategy

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Promotion Strategy
McDonald’s has been one of the biggest advertisers in the world since they started operating on a global scale. McDonald’s advertise price a lot in their ads as it is a key attribute. They advertise quality in the ads as this is an important factor for many people. McDonald’s has a very strong corporate brand image as when many people think of McDonald’s they think of the colours red and yellow. Before people might have thought of ‘Ronald McDonald’ but in recent years McDonald’s has stopped using the clown as part of the corporate brand image as they have strongly started marketing towards adults. They introduced the McCafe menu which was designed to appeal to adults and they felt that the clown wouldn’t be fitting to their ad campaigns. As the McCafe menu is very different from their other menus.

Customers of McDonald’s think McDonald’s is great because they trust that the food is fast and of good quality. McDonald’s has mostly a positive corporate image across many countries in the world. Convenience and low prices is the key to McDonald’s succession as many people avail of their service for these two reasons alone. In their ads they use the slogan “I’m lovin’ it” and they have this tagline written across many of their packaging and in their ads. This tagline is used across all the countries that McDonald’s operates in. The only difference is that the tagline is written in the language of the country McDonald’s is in.

McDonald’s uses merchandise like…

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