Mcdonald 's Advertising And Marketing Essay

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There are many companies nowadays that are well known. It can be argued that advertisements and marketing are almost unnecessary. One that comes to mind is McDonald’s. Since 1955, McDonald’s has been selling food. (History) They sponsor many events, and most towns you can find at least 2 or 3 McDonald’s restaurants. They are also featured worldwide with different menu items to fit the local needs. McDonald’s markets to just about every person of every age group, race, religion, social class, and gender. If you find a person, chances are they will find something that appeals to them at McDonald’s. A main audience for McDonald’s marketing is children. By selling Happy Meals, kids can get a full meal sized right for them, plus a fun toy for them to enjoy at the same time. McDonald’s continuously changes up the toy so a kid is always excited to see what they get. They also use toys as a way to get extra business by basing them off popular movies, games, shows, and fads of the time. McDonald’s had Beanie Babies during the big demand for them in the late 90’s, and still occasionally release new ones. This was a great way to bring people in, since people saw Beanie Babies as a large collectable item, and wanted to have the whole set.

Connecting with Beanie Babies is just one example of using well known products for marketing. They also use things like hot wheels cars, and Barbie dolls. By working with these companies, it brings in more customers. Having well known…

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