Fast Food Nation Report

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1 Timothy 6:10 states “For the love of money is the root of all evil...” The love of money and always wanting more is what drove Eric Schlosser to write the book, Fast Food Nation. Fast Food Nation is a book on how the fast food industry began and how it works. Throughout the book, Schlosser, examined the process behind meat and potato food processing plants, the growth of the different fast food restaurant, and how this is affecting not only the Untied States, but the whole world. Almost every action that contributed to the making of fast food restaurants and how they run are based on how fast the product can be made so that more money can be produced. Schlosser elaborates on many different aspects of the fast food businesses. Since most corporate …show more content…
This verse goes really well with the concept of this book in the sense that people are being told that they are eating one thing, but they are very likely eating something else. Customers don’t research what they are eating and so food companies can put ingredients like “natural flavor” which means that it could be anything. The section of the book on “natural flavor” was really eye opening on just how deceiving smells and taste can be and how easily we are deceived by different products. Fast food restaurants have been targeting children with their products. Most kids want to believe that people are looking out for them and wanting what is best for them so when they eat food at these fast food restaurants they don’t think twice of how much the food is affecting their body. This is one of the reasons why they target youth because once they get the kids hooked when they are young and then they can’t stop. They target kids with Happy Meals and the toys that come with it. One sentence in the beginning of the book mentioned that McDonalds sign is more recognizable than the Christian cross (Schlosser, 2001). This shows how much influence McDonalds has on this world

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