Mba 5401 Analyze Case Study I-4 Essay

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MBA 5401 Analyze Case Study I-4

upporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New Analyze the case study, and•York City” (on pp. 157-165in the textbook). Consider•develop the conclusions, recommendations, and implications. the implementation challenges in the case and the technologies used to meet them, along with the finalquestions posed at the end of the case. Summarize your findings in a two-page paper•(last paragraph on p. 165) using proper APA formatting.
Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: TheChildren’s Health Fund of New York CityThe Children’s Health FundThe Children’s Health Fund (CHF) develops and supportsa national network of 22 programs
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But his life mission for bringing medical care tounderserved children reportedly began when he was amedical resident in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital ofDenver and saw a poster for VISTA (Volunteers in Serviceto America) with the words: “If you’re not part of the solution,you’re part of the problem.” Dr. Redlener’s quest tobecome part of the solution began with delivering medicalcare in Lee County, Arkansas, then working on earthquakerelief in Guatemala, followed by serving as medical directorfor USA for Africa, and this poster is hanging in hisoffice today.2An important motivation in my life has been workingwith kids whose situation makes them vulnerablefor reasons out of their control. They are desperatelyill, or living in extreme poverty, or disconnectedfrom medical care. I feel most energized by trying tohelp children who have the fewest resources.—Irwin Redlener3In 1987, Redlener cofounded the Children’s Health Fund(CHF) in New York City. Its initial focus was on pediatriccare for homeless kids, and his cofounder was singer/songwriterPaul Simon. While working for USA for Africa, hehelped solicit the help of other recognized entertainers,including Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, Lionel Richie, andMichael Jackson. When he learned that Paul Simon wasinterested in doing something for the homeless, he reachedout to him:I was working for USA for Africa, setting up thegrant office in New York City. Paul Simon, who wason the We Are the World

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