Essay about Marzano's Teaching Philosophy

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Educational research contributes many factors to effective teaching and the effective teacher. Beliefs and values that guide the research change by the decade, however, most of the research agrees that the highest impact on achievement is the teacher. The writer feels that the three factors Marzano pinpoints are ones truly necessary to guide effective teachers. He states “the act of teaching is a holistic endeavor. Effective teachers employ effective instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, and classroom curricular design in a fluent, seamless fashion”. (Marzano, p.77) By combining these three key components, the teacher will do what is necessary to foster student achievement. It is important to have an effective …show more content…
This has driven efforts to more clearly articulate learning outcomes. Countries seek to make educational objectives transparent to students and provide a framework for teachers.” (Learning from World-Class Schools By: Schleicher, Andreas, Stewart, Vivien, Educational Leadership, 00131784, 20081001, Vol. 66, Issue 2) Marzano presents three categories for strategies: (1) those used at regular intervals in a unit, (2) those focusing on input experiences, and (3) those dealing with reviewing, practicing, and applying content, to get the most effective use of the unit. Strategies used at regular unit intervals are ones that “establish clear goals at the beginning of the unit by identifying clear learning goals and communicating those to students; also by asking students to identify their own learning goals for unit content (Marzano/p85). These strategies are used throughout the unit of learning from introducing knowledge and skills to reinforcement to assessing whether or not the final goal was achieved. This list includes having students work in groups based on their knowledge and skill in specific topics, periodically celebrating legitimate progress towards learning goals, and providing students with clear evaluations of their progress on each learning goal. Input experiences are strategies that give students input regarding the content to be learned and they can be employed

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