Critical Analysis Of Other Voices, Other Rooms By Gerald Graff

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In the short essay “Other Voices, Other Rooms” by Gerald Graff, he discusses the different styles of teaching and why some work and some set students up for failure. As a college student, I agree with a lot of what he states and I understand his meanings completely. He points out that the way students are taught makes students struggle. Teachers will give students tons of information in each class and it is hard for them to distinguish what is what. They become confused and can’t focus on the big picture. Graff points out bad habits of teachers that can make students get frustrated and cause them to struggle. He goes over many valid points that I utterly agree with and have experienced as well. I chose this essay by Graff because it stood out to me and grabbed my attention. It spoke to me. I understand what Graff is trying to say. In a way education appeals to me because it’s been around me my entire life. In this essay Professor Graff gave a strong claim of value and gave a very strong argument toward today’s education. A claim of value is when a writer gives there audience a lot of evidence and examples in a story for a reader to relate with. It also sometimes gives a personal story. …show more content…
He really stayed on topic with is argument. He shows focus and got his point across. His argument remained strong as well as his rhetoric. I would say that his essay was very persuasive. He gained my attention and discussed many things I agreed with. He wrote about the many problems in education. But one thing he did not do was provide any solutions. The first part of finding the solution is pointing out the problem. His made me reminisce about all the times that school made me get frustrated. He really appealed to me because I understand completing what he is stating in his writing. The appeal was very ethical. I read and saw his morals and thoughts on education. He showed the many standards of

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