Math Teaching Philosophy

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As a teacher, my belief is that students be taught the importance of mathematics in the daily life. I also stand firm that students should also be taught important life lessons that relate to how to succeed and prepare for the future. I think that it is inevitable that students be taught basic curriculum in mathematics. I agree that concepts of Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics be taught but I also think that students should be taught mathematics that deals with finances earlier then the college level. Everyone I let know says I am crazy for going into Math education. Then I ask them about their educational history and their dislike of math stems from bad experiences. They either had a terrible teacher or believe that math serves no purpose …show more content…
Students are so fragile when they are inside our classrooms and we, as teachers, need to be able to take advantage of that and teach students to appreciative math the way we do. We as teachers are responsible for teaching the next people who are going to run our companies, government, protect our country therefore along with the curriculum we need to teach students life lessons that can help them grow as a person. They need to be able to take what we learn and apply it to real life. They also need to be able to learn how to work well with others. Whatever students do after high school is up to them but it is inevitable that students will have t work with others. Therefore it is important for them to know how to work in an environment like that. Students also could benefit from learning time and money management skills, and how to be a vital part of our community and country. I think as teachers we have the opportunity to help students understand and learn all of this within our …show more content…
I am all in for a classroom were the teacher is in control and instructing the class the entire time. I remember specifically a class I had and did the best in was a classroom where the teacher gave us the same general format of notes each day. I think that having this classroom set up would be great but I don’t believe it should be like that every day though. Teaching students to love the subject involves incorporating fun and engaging task that include the student’s opinion and ideas. Therefore I believe that to teach students the curriculum effectively while also sharing the love of math is to provide appropriate notes and examples but as well as including task that involve student exploration, technology, and engaging information. I also think that peers learn a lot from each other, so I will also let students be in charge of teaching topics so that their peers can explain it better then I possibly could. But in order to tech students to connect math to the real world I will incorporate task and activities they do relate to the real life. I can remember specifically projects that involved managing finances and using math specifically in a real world context. Therefore I believe that doing this within the classroom regularly will teach students the importance of learning these topics and what to do with that knowledge in the real world. I also agree that the setup of my classroom can

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