Clueless Case Study

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Webster's dictionary defines clueless as “providing no clue, completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant, or foolish.” This mother, whom we call, Mary Jane, fit this definition perfectly. She had been in and out of the legal system more than seven years. These Guardians were shocked by the size of her file, which consisted of numerous volumes that covered a complete ten-foot shelf.
Her case would close, and then reopen again, again, and again. It was a perfect pattern of a “revolving door” scenario. The case would open due to various problems between her husband (domestic violence) and the children. The innocent male child was beautiful. A second female child was born soon after we accepted this case. God gave them two wonderful gifts. What will they do with His gifts?
Mary Jane was a safety hazard, to herself and to her children. For example, she would leave the door unlocked and the child
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In fact, the children had lice, and sent home from the school. Mary Jane claimed that they got it from the daycare school. A clear case of denial These Guardians were anxious about sitting down on her furniture, in case we might catch something. (Parents may be very poor, but still keep their home clean; there is no excuse for lack of basic hygiene for your children).
Poor Mary Jane, this clueless mother, became very emotional, with flowing crocodile tears before the judge at every court hearing. Mary claimed she loved her children, but she had no idea how to be a responsible parent. She did not know the essentials about cleanliness. She was clueless about safety. Yes, her case plan required that she learn these fundamental parenting requirements, but she must have been sleeping during those courses, or she did not really understand a damn thing. GAL tried gently to guide her as much as we could, over a one-year period, to no

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