Essay about Marriage Guidance: Summary Notes

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Marriage Guidance – Summary


MGG201W – Marriage Guidance – facilitative couples counselling
Theme ONE – Understanding couples
Intimacy involves: love, affection and caring, deep attachment to another person.
The TRIPOD of couple relationships
An intimate relationship consists of three factors that form a tripod on which the relationship rests.
1. Passionate attraction (PA)
2. Mutual expectations (ME)
3. Personal intentions (PI)
Passionate attractions (PA)
→ Individual experiences intensely pleasurable sensations when thinking about or being with a new partner.
→ Blushing, trembling, breathlessness, high sexual desire
→ Referred to as infatuation = passing love “a foolish and unreasoning love’
→ Infatuation is not
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It describes a commonality transmitted by the family over generations and reinforced by the surrounding community”
Culture and ethnicity manifest in language, faith, race, national and geographic origin, family formation
An individual’s sense of self is implicitly intertwined with his/her cultural beliefs and sense of belonging to an ethnic group
Schematic comparison of the Western and African Views of the person and worldviews
Western view of the person and the worldview
Individual rights
Separateness and Independence

Survival of the fittest
Control over Nature


Psycho-behavioural modalities

Values and Customs


African view of the person and the worldview
Collective responsibility
Co-operation and interdependence Survival of the tribe
One with nature

Definition of a family
Western / Anglo descent – family is mother, father, child with little reference to extended family. Privacy and independence from family of origin highly prized.
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Marriage Guidance – Summary


African descent – family includes extended family, and are responsible for each other with permeable boundaries between them. Little or no privacy from their relatives.
Ancestral spirits are

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