Marks and Spencer Merger with Sainsbury Essay

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Title of Modules: Strategic change in organizations, Creativity & Innovation, Strategic HRM

Strategic Change
Unit 3 1. Background to organisational strategic change.
Marks and Spencer plc is a UK-based company. Many people regard the business as a national institution. It is lovingly called "M&S" and "Marks and Sparks". M&S is known as a best retailer. There are over 370 Marks & Spencer stores throughout the UK that sell clothing, food and household goods. The core of its retailing business is clothing, particularly women's. Over 80% of Marks & Spencer's stores are sited in traditional high street locations. More than 10 million customers a week buy products from one of its stores. An increasing number of
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Recent fourth-quarter figures were much better than expected, showing a 6.2% leap in like-for-like sales.
Speculation is also mounting that the Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar's independent wealth fund, which holds a 27.3% stake in Sainsbury's, is making to increase its shareholding and is keen to merge the two businesses. Another retail analyst said: "Two years ago M&S believed they would be in charge, but the tide has turned. Stuart Rose will have to give up work in a year or two anyway. "If Sainsbury endures to perform well and M&S continues to achieve badly then it is something Sainsbury might try and drive through."
Lyons W (2009).
Lyons, W (2009). ‘Vulnerable M&S faces Pressure for Sainsbury’s Merger’.
According to the above article, it can be said that the merger will be effective for the both companies and this combination would be good enough. For that merger, I have identified two models of change and I will choose one of them after analysing them which will be appropriate for M&S.

Identification, Discussion and Evaluation of Selected Models:
There are different models and certain situations that have particular stress on the organization towards specific type of change. As Marks and Spencer intends to merge or may be politely takeover on the Sainsbury.
The ADKAR system is a series of steps that must be met in sequence for any change to be successfully implemented and stay.
The steps are: * Awareness - Step

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