Marks And Spencer

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In the world of business and marketing, brand name holds a lot of importance. The brand name itself serves as medal of quality and positivity towards the brand. The brand loyalty that is most spoken of, is made through constant assurance of quality, worthiness and customer satisfaction. One such brand which held its position through the thick and thin is Marks & Spencer.
Marks & Spencer is a UK based multinational seller, which originally dates back to decades, and is still going strong to this very day. The Marketing Excellence talks about how the brand Marks & Spencer has held up to its roots and legacy through the tough times and has always came out shining bright. And this is exactly the reason why the brand is still going strong to this
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The whole point of this communication back in the day was to get the idea in people’s mind that Marks & Spencer provides premium quality and is worth paying the extra, as the prices were kept the same, unlike M&S’s rival retailers who were slowly going out of business. This particular brand campaigning promoting the premium quality of M&S was not just for the clothing line of Marks & Spencer. As M&S offers a variety of products, this campaign covered all the aspects neatly. This was around the time of Marks & Spencer’s 125th anniversary, and through advertising, the brand promoted their image of reliability and dependability. The brand focused on its reliability for the people and showed how the brand had been providing services throughout all these years. And not just one service, a variety of services and products as Marks & Spencer is a giant multinational retailer. This TV advertisement was at the time supported by the press and the media combined and therefore boosted the scale and magnitude of the ad even further. This ad mainly focused on Marks & Spencer’s legacy products such as the iconic chocolate pudding, lingerie and tailoring services. During this 125th anniversary ad campaign, the brand focused and refocused only on quality. On their advertisements, M&S had proudly stated that “Quality worth every penny,” just to showcase to the people that what they offer is worth it all and offers great quality. And of course, this ad campaign paid off in the long

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