Marketing Weight Loss Products Around The Summer Season Essay

1038 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Bikini season is often used in marketing weight loss products around the summer season. In this Crystal Light video advertisement, the concept of bikini season is used to polarize the two females. One blonde female who is concerned about looking attractive in her summer wear, and the brunette who does not care to engage in weight loss practices as she believes her work ties her down so much she will never get the chance to put on a bikini, therefore rendering it pointless to consumer Crystal Light. By analyzing the entire advertisement the underlying ideology represent is that, women who focus on their jobs often end up alone, compared to women who focus their energy on maintaining beauty standards, will always be confident and ready to engage, therefore increasing their chances of attaining a partner. Crystal Light is showcasing their product as a weight loss device, that will give women a greater chance of receiving attention from men.

The advertisement begins in an airplane, where the two women are sipping their airline beverages. The blonde takes our her Crystal Light product, the brunette inquires about her choice of beverage. The blonde explains that she 's drinking Crystal Light in order to prepare for “bikini season”, she looks slightly embarrassed to admit this. Showing how her body is an insecurity for her. The brunette then goes on to explain how the both of them are so busy with work so she believes that there is no point in trying to achieve a bikini ready…

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