Marketing Strategies: The Strategic Advantage Of The Airlines

The marketing theories and concepts utilised in this case study are as follows:
A. Core competencies:
A core competency is the most inherent strength or the strategic advantage of a business which essentially is a combination of the pooled knowledge, technical capacities and resources that provide the business with a competitive edge in the market.
Core competencies have been known to have the following characteristics as follows (Philip Kotler, n.d.):
a. Source of competitive advantage and makes a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits
b. Difficult for competitors to imitate
These characteristics of the core competencies have been addressed in the case study as well as by the presenters since the following features are
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In 2014, Emirates covered a network of 142 destinations across 80 countries and has bagged 400 awards along with the Airline of the year awards across years. Such a huge preferential base has created a strong and a loyal customer base resulting in a healthy goodwill which is one of the drivers of the competitive advantage of the company.
2. The mission statement of the company states ‘to provide high quality commercial air transportation services’. The airlines provides a fleet of passenger aircrafts that have in-built WiFi systems as well as a network of 2000 entertainment channels in various languages that provide an unforgettable experience for its travellers.
3. The company is a leading sponsor for sporting events at the international level which has boosted their brand quality image.
4. The company also owns the largest fleet of Airbus 380 and Boeing 777, the airline carriers known to have the highest passenger capacity.
All of these core competencies have contributed to creating healthy position attributes coinciding with its unique value proposition of providing services with class and sophistication.

B. SWOT Analysis:
This theory encompasses a thorough analysis of the internal environment(strengths and weaknesses) and the external environment(opportunity and
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For doing so, the formula of segmentation, targeting and positioning should be applied. According to the SWOT analysis, Emirates is currently ignoring the competition by the smaller companies who provide the service at cheaper prices. The company should segment and target this middle class of the society and aim to provide quality services and excellent customer services at affordable rates.
The second step is to identify the unique product features and qualities. Emirates promises to provide sophisticated services. This is evident from the fact that it holds major stakes in luxurious hotels as well as provides in built wifi and entertainment services in various languages.
Thirdly, such unique value should be communicated through internet and other forms of media. This has been evident from the fact that the company is a leading sponsor of some of the major international sporting events. The company has involved celebrities like Jennifer Aniston in its recent advertising campaign which has boosted the brand

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