Essay on Marketing Report for New Balance Company

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New Balance Company
(Minor Assignment 2)

Table Content

1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Marketing Segmentation 2
2.1 Demographic 2
2.2 Geographic 3
2.3 Psychographic 3
2.4 Behavioral 4
3.0 Targeting 4
4.0 Positioning 5

1.0 Introduction

Footwear industry in China was lucrative, since there was an increasingly number of people buying brand shoes and increasing franchising opportunities, most shoes companies are expanding, thus the competition between shoes companies in the same market share becomes more and more fierce. (Arms, 2003) For New Balance Company, In order to maintain a substantial amount of market share, to target
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(Rosenberg, 2008) Therefore, the size of “Young Optimism” and “Something better” is large enough and this segment has potential to grow. • Segment structural attractiveness

Since there are many Chinese brand shoes like LingNing, Anta sells well in our country, an also many shoes factories produce fake Nike, Adidas shoes nowadays, some people like to buy it because of the low price. Hence some Nike shops closed down in these two years (Footwear Industry, 2005), a vacancy in the market share existed. Besides, Chinese consumers considered shoes as the key part of their daily life, and New Balance Shoes has unique styles, there is few substitute products and the power of buyers is weak. However, New Balance have supplier in China that make products for the company, they insist in using high quality plastic to make shoes in order to ensure the product safety, which shows that the power of supplier is strong. All in all, the segment is attractive enough for the company to gain profit.

• Company objectives and resources

“New Balance is recognized as a leader of high-performance athletic footwear around the global.” The company's objective is to equip people with footwear that provides the best performance, fit, quality and comfort. New Balance Company ranked 6th in the China Athletic shoe industry and there are

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