Essay on Marketing Plan For A Store

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$215 later You go into a store intending to buy an outfit, $215 and two hours later you come out with a new Kohl’s charge card, three new outfits including shoes, a waffle maker, and popcorn popper. Then you’re sitting there asking yourself how you let this happen, I’m here to tell you this isn’t not your fault, we all get sucked into the black hole of consumption. Stores do everything with a purpose; nothing is ever meaning less, their location, design, layout, promotions…ect is all done internally in hopes of encourage consumption out of its customers. A stores exterior is extremely important because that is what costumers first see and it is a perfect place to showcase important promotions the store wants customers to know. This is where Kohl’s showcases their Kohl’s charge card; which gives customers additional discounts on purchases, and “Yes to You” rewards program, telling their costumers to sign up because they get a $5 reward for every 100 points. Laurence Shames author of The more factor states, “builders might resort to bribery, paying people’s moving cost and giving them houses, in exchange for nothing but a pledge to stay” (page 80), as where Kohl’s is the builder and enticing their customers to apply for a Kohl’s credit card and sign up for their rewards program in order to get additional discounts and money back just for their loyalty. Which is why it 's showcased up in front where no one can miss it, it’s so important that they do not include additional…

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