Dunnes Stores Case Study

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Dunnes Stores  Company Profile.

Dunnes Stores was set up by Ben Dunne in 1944. The first even shop was open on March 31st 1944 on Patrick Street Co. Cork. The first opening day was a major success as people were excited about the opportunity to buy quality goods at a pre war price. After such a successful opening more stores were opened around Ireland during the 1950s. The St Bernard brand the own brand label was founded in 1956. The combination of food, textiles and home wares all under one roof makes Dunnes Stores unique amongst Irish companies. (Dunnes Stores, April 7th 2002.) Groceries were introduced to Dunnes Stores in 1960. (Our Story- Dunnes Stores). In the beginning only apples and oranges were sold but over a bigger range
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The barcode on the item is scanned and a record of the scanning will appear on the screen. This is done to keep a record of the item scanned through and the price of that item. It can also be used to keep track of what stock has been sold and when they will need to reorder more stock. Real time processing takes place when an item is scanned as it is immediately recorded. With all transactions a receipt is given to the customer. The receipt includes the time and date of the transaction, a list of all the goods sold along with their individual prices and a total price of the combined goods. The online shopping service provided by Dunnes Stores allows customers to check the status of a delivery and it also provides a section for people looking for any extra information they may …show more content…
EIS allows the executives of the company to monitor the operational progress of the company. EIS helps the executives to watch over competitors, while lower ranked managers should be focused on the running of the business, the executives can concentrate on the more demanding needs of the business. The executives will look after the long term plans of Dunnes stores. These will involve expanding the business to different locations. There are a number of factors the executives will have to review before any decision on opening a new store can be made.
•Where the location of the new Dunnes Stores will be.
•The price of the new premises.
•What competitors are in the same area?
•Is there a big market for a new Dunnes Stores in that area?
The making of this decision will require extensive research and the team carrying out this project will have to have extensive knowledge of all the above factors.
Another operational decision that the executives at Dunnes Stores may have to make is the decision to introduce a new range of goods into the company. The company would have to take into consideration many different variables.
•Price of supplying the good.
•Price of buying the goods.
•Is there a big market for the new good.
•Would they be able to sell it at a reasonable price.
In order for any new goods to be sold the strategic team would have

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