Essay on Marketing Plan For A Company

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It can be observed that Aaker and Keller offer models for the general speaking companies, regardless the size; small, medium or big. Then, there are plenty of authors that have done brand research only on a large company, and also other authors like Berthon, Ewingpetitive advantage of a company. Therefore, if the price competition represents the central role, tkey factor for building a com and Napoli, Keller, Krake, Wong and Merrilees, Merilees, Boyles, Mowle and Merrilees that have paid attention to the brand management in the SMEs.
Keller’s model serves as guidelines for creating a strong brand image by SMEs by following some key points:
- concentration on building between one and two strong brands
- develop a source for brand equity that will serve as a developed marketing program working on 1-2 very important brand associations;
- offer support for both the brand awareness and image by using a very well-integrated mix of brand attributes.
- Develop a “push” marketing program that is designed build the brand, as well as a creating “pull” marketing program designed to attract attention.
- Create as many secondary associations with the brand as possible
On the other hand, Krake did not agree with the model mentioned above. Instead, he promoted another model, a newer funnel model describing the role of management in SMEs. This model has three main factors that affect the brand management role in the SMEs.
- The manager’s influence (his passion, logic and the way he…

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