Essay about Marketing Management Position Interests Me

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Marketing Management The marketing management position interests me because of the creative work and the wage that they earn. In short, a marketing manager’s job is to determine the rate of demand and potential markets for a service or product for their company and to determine the competing services or products. The work in the marketing management position includes creating and elaborating on pricing policies to help organizations maximize their profits while making the companies customers happy. On a day to day basis, a marketing manager will work with different departments including the product development, sales and public relations.
A marketing manager can also monitor trends that indicate the need for a new product or service and will develop that product. In order to become a marketing manager, a bachelor degree is usually required with courses in mathematics, economics, and finance. An internship while still in school is not required but recommended. A marketing manager is one of the highest paid jobs in the country on average earning $119,480 working full time. Companies highly regard marketing managers because their departments are very important to the revenue, therefore they are less likely to be laid off than other managers. The marketing manager position is highly desirable with strong competition. In the modern world, Internet-based advertising has become very prominent and any skills in that area give a prospect an advantage over competition. For the…

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