Marketing Management: A Career As A Marketing Manager

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Marketing Management The marketing management position interests me because of the creative work and the wage that they earn. In short, a marketing manager’s job is to determine the rate of demand and potential markets for a service or product for their company and to determine the competing services or products. The work in the marketing management position includes creating and elaborating on pricing policies to help organizations maximize their profits while making the companies customers happy. On a day to day basis, a marketing manager will work with different departments including the product development, sales and public relations.
A marketing manager can also monitor trends that indicate the need for a new product or service and will
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They also excel at working hard, productivity and altogether getting projects done. For an ENFJ, a career must include the ability to work on many interesting projects, use organizational skills, and have a supportive and friendly environment. An ENFJ contributes to society with their caring, warm and enthusiastic attitudes and great energy for projects or causes they believe in. Being an ENFJ, a marketing management position is very interesting to me because of the ability to use my good organization skills and creativity to work every day. Overall I think that this position is a good fit for me being an ENFJ because my strengths in communication, making others feel excited, and intrigue in new …show more content…
On the Career Leader results, my top three interests are creative production (91%), application of technology, and theory development and research. These interests match up nicely with the marketing management position in the creative process of making a new product, online advertising, and the research element of marketing. My top motivator was financial gain, which is fulfilled in the high salary of marketing. My second motivator was intellectual challenge, which makes me intrigued in making new products and thinking outside the box. My top three career matches are marketing and marketing management, management of new product development, and advertising account management which all coordinate to the marketing management position. For my culture match, I received a low score on collaboration and consideration which means that I will be happiest in a group that values focusing much more on the task at hand than on themselves and each other. This may contradict with marketing management because they work with so many people a day, but they still concentrate on the product or service rather on the teamwork it took to make

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