Essay on Marketing For Tweens, Generation X, And Generation Y

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Marketing for Tweens, Generation X, and Generation Y

Generational differences create varied and unique opportunities for today’s marketers. The products the marketer is tasked with promoting may be geared across generational lines. To market across generational lines takes a different vision for each group. Their attitudes and spending habits vary from generation to generation, as well as the way in which each group attains and processes information. To be successful, the marketer must be cognizant of these differences. It would be recommended to utilize an integrated marketing plan to reach the targeted audiences. A comparison of the Tweens, Generation Y, and the Generation X demographic groups, gives an interesting perspective into the integrated marketing opportunity of todays marketer.


The tweens generation encompasses those born between 1995 and 2010. This young generation is thirty million strong and is quite the influential group in regards to purchasing power. This group creates an interesting and unique opportunity for the marketer. They represent two specific realms, those that have an influence on what the family purchases now, and those that will have future buying power of their own. Todays marketers have an opportunity to influence the group today to garner their product loyalty for purchases in the future. This segment is considered some of the most educated potential consumers. Considering this segment has grown up with instant access to…

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