Two Types Of Marketing Environment: United Airline

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Marketing environment
Marketing environment is a combination that referred to internal and external environment of company which helps it to build and maintain successful relationship with its targeted customers.
There are two types of marketing environment
1. Internal Environment
2. External environment
Internal environment: Forces within the organization that affect the marketing strategies of the company is referred to as internal environment. E.g. stake holders, organizational culture etc.
External environment: There are two types of external environment
A) Macro environment
B) Micro environment
Macro Environment: It is the environment which sometimes referred as beyond the control of organization like Economic factors, Political Factors,
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All customers have different needs and wants and to fulfill their needs united air line uses market segmentation. In market segmentation customers that have same requirement put them in the same group and then develop strategies to satisfy and provide them different types of services according to their requirement. Market segmentation is very help full technique to get popularity among the customers and get competitive advantage over the competitors. (Business Case Studies, 2016)
Definition of SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats. A SWOT analysis is an organized list of a business greater strength and weaknesses, opportunity and threats. To run a successful business it is necessary to analyze them first. It is a useful technique to analyze the strength of a business and its position in the market. It helps to identify and manage the weaknesses and also tell about the hidden abilities and opportunities that make the business more profitable. It can also help to face the threats in the marketplace. (Tim Berry, 2016)
Talk about its
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United airlines are using good technology and segmentation method to meet different needs of different customers but if I use more powerful technology and focus on good market segmentation it will have significant effect. It will help to meet the need of customer more efficiently and effectively against competitors. As it is working internationally so competition level is very high and to get higher position in the market from competitors I also have to focus on lower cost and higher profitability. I have to improve financial growth to secure future loans for air craft and other purchase. United air line strongly depends upon outsiders vendors it cusses reduces in the revenue and increases in the expenses. It is necessary to control the operation taken place under these outside vendors to increase popularity of the airline. I will increase the network and make financial position of airline stronger and gain competitive advantage over competitors. As the competition is very high between airline industry so introduce packages that are very attract full to the customers, give them good facilities on lower fare that also not effect on company’s cost. (Kamran Hameed,

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