Marketing Case Study: Marketing Strategy At Pepsico

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Marketing strategy may refer to the combination of all its marketing goals in one plan. It is the foundation of marketing planning.
A good market strategy can be drawn from focus groups, market survey of the right product mix at the right time to maximize the profit.
Companies today recognize that they cannot appeal to all the buyers in the marketplace, or at least not in the same way. Buyers are too numerous, too widely scattered, and too varied in their needs and practices. Moreover, companies themselves vary widely in their abilities to serve different segments of the market.
Thus, most companies have moved from mass marketing to target marketing. Instead of scattering their marketing efforts firms are focusing on
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To target best market segments, the company first evaluates each segments size and growth characteristic, structural attractiveness and compatibility with company objective and resources.
It then choose one of the 4 market segment . once a company decide which segments to enter it must decide on its differentiation and positioning strategy.

MARKETING STRATEGY AT PEPSICO In 1965, PepsiCo.Inc was established by the merger by Pepsi- cola and Frito- lay. The company founders are Donald Kendall and Herman lay and the main headquarters of PepsiCo is in NEW YORK, U.S.
The COCA-COLA Company historically was considered as the PepsiCo company competitor in beverage markets.
PepsiCo product mix consists of 63 percent of foods, and 37 percent beverages. PepsiCo satisfy the huge amount of need of the customer by providing a high variety of choices of beverages.

The company main business includes:
 Frito –lay snacks
 Pepsi – cola beverages
 Tropicana juices
 Quaker foods
 Gatorade sports
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It had obtained the government permission for the downstream venture pervious to the FDI pointer created in Indian equity holding necessary.
The present market of Indian soft drink are often described as a duopoly – the PepsiCo and Coca – Cola be the players
Therefore Pepsi have enough monopoly powers over consumers.
When India was trying to open its economy and was facing serious doldrums then PepsiCo was launched in India.
Pepsi had to face serious issues to expand its business.
Pepsi has the technology to keep up a extremely economical distribution network that permits to satisfy the requirement of its customers throughout the country by providing better product and service.
Pepsi own its building plant offers it an edge over its competitors in terms of quality of the product and control over the product.
Pepsi has many substitutes of its product in the market therefore the company is threat of losing its market share.
Pepsi target the “NEW GENRETATION “it is worldwide associated with the urban youth.
The rate of consumption of pepsi is more in the youth age of below 20 years

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