Social Media Phenomenon Analysis

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Social media is an interesting phenomenon because it involves different communication methods carried out on different platforms through different devices, apart from the traditional seller-customer relationship concept there is a customer based approach. In particular the relationship between businesses, customers and the two is different, organizations can reach customers much easily and send their message faster and cheaper.
From an organizational perspective, social media provides an opportunity to communicate with customers through a platform that is privatized to businesses; advertising and promotions to customers through social media offers the advantage of reaching businesses directly in an environment where they can feel
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We had hundreds of recordings to find simple numbers at one time, with ICQ and MIRC started what we know as "chatting" different channels, without actually knowing the origins of the social media. After a while, similar platforms came and gone. So a kind of today's Facebook's first steps were taken at that time.
With the advancement of technology, a lot of innovation has been provided and new social networks have all started to rival each other. Some have refrained from competing, others have had to settle because of strategic mistakes. After 2000s, Friendster followed by MySpace followed by Facebook the beginning of the millennium age started which is also described in the movie "The Social Network".
Today Facebook is the most popular social network, and Instagram is the new sharing platform for individuals sharing photos and
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For example, a consumer who receives or consumes a product tends to read a variety of different social networks written by others. The comments and experiences of others are very important. Thus social media sites provide information and ideas to be shared between individuals.
A consumer is a genuine person who buys marketing components for his personal desires, wants and needs, that is to meet our needs or requests. We can obtain some of these items by paying the price to consume some of them in order to meet our needs and desires. Today products can be bought much easily online.
There are people in marketing that understand the importance of social media and use famous social media personalities to market their products. So it is important to understand the marketing of people. In order to become a successful marketer, it is necessary to know how a consumer will react to the product. Social media provides this opportunity, valuable information can be learned such as:
• Customer Feedback
• Customer

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