Margaret Hall Character Analysis

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When a mother finally enters adulthood her life completely changes because her main focus now are her children. They go from having no responsibilities of others to having full responsibility on another human being. They are now in complete control of a living being and must do everything in their power to make sure that child has the best possible life. Being a mother brings along some responsibilities that must be completed on the daily like working through harsh conditions, providing food and keeping their family all in one piece. Mothers are the people who are supposed to be the ones constantly there for their children through all the good and the bad. They are supposed to be the role model their children look up to and want to grow up …show more content…
Mothers are doing things that children have no idea their mothers are doing for them. All throughout the movie Margaret Hall is the perfect example of an iconic mother. She is capable of constantly doing what some others cannot do which is having unconditional love for her family. Mothers are supposed to always love their children through the good and the bad. As well as constantly loving her children mothers are supposed to do whatever they have to do to make their children perfectly happy. Also mothers are supposed to do the unthinkable for their kids. Mothers are supposed to be a child’s go to person that they can constantly count on anytime of the day. Mothers are supposed to be the best they can be at all times and stand out from everyone else. They are our mothers and just like the movie will love you unconditionally. They will figure out what they need to do to make sure their children are the definition of happy and nothing less. They will fight for their children, defend them and protect each and every one of their kids. This is why Margaret Hall is such an iconic mother because she is able to do all of these things while keeping her life completely together and not worrying or stressing out her children. Not once in the movie did you ever see Margaret show’s her children something was wrong because how well she kept her cool. She knew how to stay calm and keep her life in a positive matter even after she had so much negative events occurring on in her

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