Character Analysis: Anna Frith

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Daniel Jahren
Character Study Guide for Year of Wonders

Anna Frith

Sam Frith
Anna's deceased husband whom she loved very much.
Died from an explosion in a mine

Jamie Frith
Anna's oldest son
Killed by the Plague

She grows and gathers herbs and uses them as medicine to help the sick of the village.
Accused of being a witch
Died because of the beating and near drowning she received during her witch trial.

Anys Gowdie
The orphan niece of Mem Gowdie.
Shocks Anna with her frank and independent attitude.
She is accused of being a witch as well.
Died trying to save Mem Gowdie

The Hadfields
Anna's neighbors.
Alexander/Mary –Married and died of the plague
Edward Cooper and Jonathan Cooper: children of Mary's first husband who died of the plague
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Christopher Unwin
The miner that was almost murdered in his sleep by Joss Bont.
He had just survived the plague, causing Joss Bont to lose money after already digging Christopher's grave which is why he tried to murder him.

Jane Martin
Extremely strict Puritan nanny of Anna's boys.

Robert Snee
Brand's friend who helped find and punish Aphra

Ahmed Bey
Anna's final husband. He helps teach her and give her a bright future.

Tom Frith
Anna's youngest son
Killed by the Plague

Aphra Bont
Anna's step mom.
She kills her husband, her three sons die and then she kills herself.
Killed herself.

Joss Bont
Anna's abusive, greedy father.

He replaced the old sexton (gravedigger). He died trying to kill Christopher Unwin.
Died of starvation.

Elinor Mompellion
The rector’s kind wife.
She spent a lot of time with Anna and her children.
Aphra stabbed her to death.
Michael Mompellion
The new rector of the village.
He gives more leeway than a traditional puritan.

Mr. Mompellion's horse.

Mem Gowdie
The village psychic.

Andrew Merrick
Becomes a mountain man with his cockerel.
He only comes down when it says that the village is

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