Francie's Wife Character Analysis

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Character Identification
Protagonist: Francis, a poor young girl in Brooklyn. Neely, her younger brother. Katie her mother, Her dad johnny.

1.”Serene was a word you could put to brooklyn, New York. Especially in the summer of 1912.” Pg.9¶1 The opening of the book.

2.””Rag picker Rag picker!” Francie’s face burned at the name” Pg.12¶1&2 Kids are making fun of Francie and her brother because she is recycling for some change.

3.””What must I do mother to make a different world for her?””The secret lies in reading and writing” Pg.67¶5&6 This is Francie’s grandmother advising her mother how Francie can have a better chance then they have all had.

4.”When sister Ursula stooped to kiss her, Francie saw that she had a fine fringed of
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A:False, She pretends like she's pregnant.

15.Q.Francie wants desperately to go to college.

16.Q.What does Katie do to the man that tries to attack Francie?
A:She shoots him

17.Q.Francie’s father dies in the hospital.
A:False hes dies in the street

18.Q.Francie always felt that her mother liked her brother better.

19.Q.How do they afford Francie’s father funeral?
A:He has a insurance policy

20.Q.What does Francie’s father give her aunt money for when he realizes he won't be around when she graduates?

21.Q.Francie’s family lives in Memphis.
A:False, they live in Brooklyn

22.Q. Francie gets a job reading magazines.
A:False she gets job reading newspapers.

23.Q.After Francie’s father dies, Francie gets a job where?

24.Q.Francie’s mother is lazy.
A:False she is a very hard worker

25.Q.What can we learn from generational poverty from Francie and her family. The family has been poor for generations. When Francie was born, her grandmother advised her mother to save a little bit of money every chance she got, even if it meant to make sacrifices, and to read form a good book every single night.

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