Why Women Still Can T Have It All By Anne Marie Slaughter

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Women struggle with having children, jobs that require long hours, being a single parent and the gender pay gap (men get paid more than women).
In her essay titled Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, Anne Marie Slaughter discusses how women juggle with work and having children and a full time job. She talks about how hard it is to have a good job when trying to take care of the children is very difficult. When Anne- Marie Slaughter was working for the government she just forgot about her two boys they need her at home but she was too busy being a secretary and drinking champagne. Anne- Marie Slaughter could not keep her mind off of her 14-year-old son that was about to start the eighth grade I think she should have been there to see him start eighth grade instead of having fun at work.
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A mother always wants to help support the family and with the bills. It is hard sometimes because the mother would have to take care of the younger children that can’t do for them self. Some women who don’t have a job and try to help out make them feel like they good enough or helpless. Being a working mother can be stressful because of the children and a husband can be very stressful especially having to clean up the house and cooking for the whole family is tough. Some mother can’t do both so they either put the child in day care or schooling. Children that are toddler are a handful so they need their mothers more so they can feed them and put their clothes on the little ones because they can’t do it their self’s. Toddler have so much energy in their body that the mothers have to run behind them all the time and make sure they take a nap is so much work. Working on a good relationship with the children and have a nice perfect mother and son or daughter

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