Margaret Edson's Character Analysis

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Margaret Edson author of W;t, was winner of the Pulitzer Prize. I have never seen such a well structured and organized play. This is Mrs. Edson’s first play book, and something that strongly supported her while writing W;t is that she had knowledge and experience in the cancer and AIDS unit while also earning her second degree for elementary teaching.

The play W;t is very descriptive in the beginning; it describes what background of the story and costumes. W;t is about a character named Vivian Bearing who had been diagnosed with advanced metastatic ovarian cancer. Ms. Bearing is a college professor who teaches students who are deaf. She has been asked to not teach next semester due to the chemotherapy she will have to be put through. “Always coming in and out of the hospital throughout an 8 month period she won’t have time or the energy to be teaching,” suggested the doctor. But Vivian has decided that it won’t stop her from teaching next semester.

Throughout this 8 month period of chemotherapy, Ms. Bearing has changed she isn’t herself anymore; has continued to get treatment for her cancer. Although the cancer has gotten smaller since she started chemo, but what she finds out is that the cancer is no longer just in the ovaries it’s spreading throughout her
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In the reading, “Assessing the Demands of an Alzheimer's Patient,” it explains how a patient with Alzheimer’s had a Jewish heritage making it so she’s kosher free. Before her alzheimer’s got significantly bad, they had followed orders of having no meat. Now Mrs. Goldstein has requested they give her ham, but she isn’t in the right state of mind. Her body is getting ill and she can’t remember. Although the staff doesn’t know which to follow because they want to respect her heritage but they also want to please their patient. It would be wrong of them to give Mrs. Goldstein meat after years being

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