Capital Punishment Essay: The Murder Of Marc Schiller

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The attempted murder of Marc Schiller was very intense and very brutal. Lugo and his gang attempted eight times to capture Marc Schiller and every time they failed to kill him. "Mark Schiller was the perfect victim because he was involved in medical fraud, something that was illegal," said Levine (Troy Roberts). Schiller had been Tased, burned, beaten, pistol-whipped. When the gang was done with him, they made him wash down sleeping pills with liquor, put him behind the wheel and rammed it into a pole to make it look like a drunk driving accident. Seeing that he was still alive, they then doused the vehicle with fuel and set it on fire with him in it, but Schiller jumped out of the flaming car, he lived after eventually coming out of a coma and woke up in the hospital. "The plan was actually very simple, …show more content…
Lugo, who organized the whole plan was sentenced the death penalty. "Well, guilty, yeah, but I don't believe in the death penalty," he replied. "I think being in a jail cell for the rest of their life is worse punishment,” said Judge Ferrer ( Troy Roberts). The owner of the gym, John Mese was sentenced to 56 years imprisonment for the kidnapping. The DCA ordered a new sentencing hearing to be conducted on those counts, he then was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for one count of Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering. In 2004, Mese died in prison from a stroke. Adrian Doorbal who helped out and was Lugo’s best friend also received the death Penalty. "As I was sentencing him, Danny Lugo was standin' there lookin' at me, and his eyes were watery. Noel [Adrian] Doorbal, on the other hand, he was joking. He was turning around to his girlfriend, and making faces like a goofball," said Ferrer (Troy Roberts). The film and real events both had the same sentencing for the characters, they deserved it and they should’ve known it was the right thing to

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