Serial Killers: The Zodiac Killer

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Victims, Cecilia Shephard age 22 and Bryan Hartnell age 20 were the Zodiac’s next center of attention. He approached them and claimed that he had killed a guard and stole a car because he was an escaped convict from the Montana prison. He explained that he then wanted their money and car to go to Mexico. Even though the couple agree to the plan Zodiac made Bartnell “hog tie” Shephard with precut pieces of clothes line he provided. He then tied Bartnell up too and said “I'm going to have to stab you people” (Campbell). With a double edged knife he stabbed Hartnell 6 times and Shephard 20 times. Zodiac wanted to leave his mark so he marked on the car what was thought to be the Zodiac symbol and the dates of attacks in Vallejo. “Vallejo 12-20-68, …show more content…
This time there was only one victim, 29 year old cab driver, Paul Stine. He was shot in the temple by the passenger who had carefully removed his car keys, wallet and tore a large portion of his shirt. Ballistics tests showed that the murder weapon was the same one used to kill David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen (Innes). In the building across the street stood witnesses who watched from the second floor and contacted the police. They described shooter as a male, about the age of 30 with a stocky build and a crew cut. The police hunted for the man whom the witnesses described but there was a miscommunication. Authorities thought they were looking for a black man so when they later found out they were supposed to be looking for a white man they knew they had let the Zodiac get away because they had talked to a man who had fitted the original description of him. (Campbell). On October 14, 1969 the Chronicle received more letters from the Zodiac which included a piece of Stine’s bloody shirt. They described the murder of the cab driver “the police failed to catch him because they did not search the area properly”. At one point in his letter he said that his next intended victims were school children. “School children make nice targets, I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. Just shoot out the front tire and then pick off the kiddies as they …show more content…
Johns was driving down Highway 132 San Joaquin county, west of Modesto, when a man gestured for her to pull over (Campbell). Johns did so and the man continued to explain that her back tire was wobbly and he would fix it for her. He did the exact opposite and loosened the bolts in her tire. This mystery man offered a ride to a service station nearby and Johns accepted, but after driving around for nearly three hours, she began to worry. Kathleen was able to get escaped when they stopped at an intersection She grabbed her baby and ran to a nearby field where a passerby gave her a ride to the police station. Johns and her baby arrived at the police station and when she noticed the wanted sign with a sketch of the Zodiac on it she frantically said “That’s him!” “That’s him right there!” (Innes). Kathleen changed her story multiple times so many of sceptical as to if she really was a victim of the Zodiac. Meanwhile, 9 more letters sent to authorities between the April 1970 and March 1971 but they were sure that at least one was a “copycat” crime. One of the letters read: “It would have been a lot more except my bus bomb was a dud. I was swamped out by the rain a while back.” (Innes). After this particular letter, most of the rest received were judge as hoaxes and the unsolved crimes continued on for several years. January 1974 the San Francisco Chronicle got a letter

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