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In all my life, all the people around me came to see me as a someone who is a quiet person who do not talk a lots. A person that is nice to other, someone who care for other people who I don’t even know. But as myself, who know me best, I bet that you do not even think that I am someone who love to read “manga”(kind of like a Japanese version of a comic book), and watch “Japanese anime”; and honestly I love it so much I prefer it over a regular book and cartoon/movie any day. Now it become like a habit or more of an addiction if you so called it. Started in my childhood days; I think it started back in the fifth grade when my big brother Xue showed it to me. Right now I mostly read manga more or so than watching the Japanese anime.
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To me manga is life. It give me inspiration, excitement, life lesson, sometime it make me laugh but most of all, it is the one thing that kind of make me feel full and complete. Overall, I just really love reading manga. To this day, manga is still one of my number one priority, but it is still one of the hobby I keep to myself. Why? As you can see, not everyone I know read manga or watch Japanese anime. For a topic such as manga or anime, to talk about? I’m not so sure if they going to look at me the same as they do before, if I chose it as a topic. But than, to the people who know my hobby, that include you guys, who are reading this; it is one of the connection or relationship that tie me and my brothers together. We talk about it, give each other recommendation, and say which one is better and which one you should not read. It not just some old hobby I have in the back of my head; it is the one thing that have tie me to my sibling, who I care …show more content…
It got me thinking about the many thing in life I can do with a college degree. But as to which college am I going to choose to go to? With many thought and many college to choose from I really can’t decide. But than, base on my view and experience of the campus of UW-Madison, including the years of being in the PEOPLE program and the college tour field trip I went on visiting the campus in my school days. I considered the UW-Madison to be one of the best one I been to so far and the only college where it make me feel like a place similar to home. With the busy but peacefulness street, the beautiful view of the sunset by Lake Mendota, State Street and to how beautiful it is at night, to the busy morning/afternoon at Union Terrace. It is just a beautiful place where I can achieve my goals of making my parent proud and majoring in biology and engineering. As to reason why I choose engineering and biology is that when I am a little kid I would have the urge to fix something I seen broken and improve it to make it better; but the outcome of that always turn out to be 50/50% of me making it worse or better. As to why I choose biology is that it interest me as to the reason why life started in the first place. Is it God that created the human, or is it evolution that started it. Just thinking about it make me tingling with an excitement as to which is the real answer of life. I also heard of the “Genome Center of

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