Mandatory Sex Education Courses For Public Schools Essay

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22 states and the District of Columbia have mandatory sex education courses in public schools. However, Texas is not one of those states. In Brazoria County alone, “23 teens out of 1000 are pregnant within the ages of 15-17, while 95 teens out of 1000 are pregnant within the ages of 18-19,” – (Cosmopolitan). 75% of teen pregnancies are unplanned because the teens are either looking for sex education through the internet and/or reality television shows similar to ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’, or just simply not asking their fellow peers or parents. Shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ promotes teen pregnancy because it makes teen girls believe that if they go onto the show, they will become famous and get rewarded for their immature actions and mistakes. The shows also glamorize the reality of teen pregnancy, the “supportive” families, and makes motherhood look like you have time more time and money outside of raising a child to finish school, hang out with family and friends.
When the huge roar of teen pregnancy television shows came upon social networks in the year of 2009. Countless teens are misled from hearing the opportunities they overhear from the reality programs from the others who became “successful”. Teen girls became optimistic to hear that they could have another chance to do something better than just being a teen mother: a famous teen mother. It seemed to be the normal to go onto reality TV shows and earn a high-ranking net wealth and popularity level in…

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