Essay on Managing Diversity : Toward A Globally Inclusive Workplace

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Barak, M. E. M. (2013). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications.
The article was authored in 2013 by Barak, who is a knowledgeable and experienced professor, with an experience in social work and business. The book provides information on how to ensure there is inclusiveness in workplace. The author reveals that management has to ensure it successfully handles diversity in the workforce. The corporate leaders are faced by global challenges on how to handle diversity. The author argues that in the current workforce which is diverse, the challenge is exclusion. The book has compiled extensive current information on social policy trends, legislative and demographic, as well as the analysis on causes and effects of workforce exclusion, and reveals that learning on how to manage the issue of diversity is critical. Therefore, based on the extensive information offered touching on diversity in the workplace, I will be utilizing the book to draw on ways the managers of an organization ought to handle the issue of diversity for success of the company.

Cox, T. H., & Blake, S. (1991). Managing cultural diversity: Implications for organizational competitiveness. The Executive, 45-56.
The article authored by Cox, bearing the recent trends in business globally, together with gender and ethnic diversity, which is on the rise, is forcing the managers to value cultural differences. The article provides the essence of an organization to enhance the…

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