Managing Diversity In The Workplace Summary

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Barak, M. E. M. (2013). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications.
The article was authored in 2013 by Barak, who is a knowledgeable and experienced professor, with an experience in social work and business. The book provides information on how to ensure there is inclusiveness in workplace. The author reveals that management has to ensure it successfully handles diversity in the workforce. The corporate leaders are faced by global challenges on how to handle diversity. The author argues that in the current workforce which is diverse, the challenge is exclusion. The book has compiled extensive current information on social policy trends, legislative and demographic, as well as the analysis on causes and effects
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The book reveals that diversity is perceived to be mutually reinforcing. The topics that are tackled in this book are strongly placed in the framework of labor market and organizational, and assessed from the sociological perspective. The article draws experience from countries that have registered remarkable contribution towards management of diversity in the workplace. The concepts of diversity are well addressed in the article. The book presents information ranging from sexual orientation, gender, age, race and disability, aimed at giving a well argued, well balanced and clearly established thoughts on the management of diversity. I will be using the book to provide the information on how various countries have managed to promote diversity. Similarly, I will be applying the details presented by the book to indicate how important it is to ensure the issue of diversity is well …show more content…
The authors draw their study on theories of racial and social, to hypothesize the fact that psychological safety promotes the link between employee performance and diversity climate. The study conducted by authors reveals that the diversity plays a key role in the progress of an organization. The analysis conducted reveals that diversity is moderated by various factors where race is also involved. The journal tackles the ways diversity can be smoothly managed at the workplace, by taking into consideration of the psychological factors. Therefore, I will be using the information presented in the article to support the proper ways in which diversity should be managed. In addition, the value of diversity in workplace is immense if managed properly, and by using the facts presented in the journal, I will be in a position to indicate how diversity should be managed to register

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