Essay On Access To Healthcare

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The US Health System is one the most expensive in the world. The US population pays a large sum of money to get what? Poor Quality, little to no insurance coverage and poor access to care. The US population needs health care coverage and insurance plans to stay healthy, to work and to be a productive member in society. The healthcare system as a whole is lacking the watchfulness that it needs to care for the people that live here. We need to make a change in how we provide care for those who cannot get it for themselves and a better quality of care for those who can. The US Healthcare System needs to improve. The Healthcare System makes up about 17% of our national GDP. Even with high cost of care we still see a large number of Americans struggling to access care and to afford healthcare coverage. Much of the US is in poverty or they are the ones that are in between getting coverage from the government and not being able to afford it themselves. We also see long waiting times for specialists, waits in emergency rooms, misdiagnosis, …show more content…
Because of insurance being expensive or a person not qualifying for the government assisted ones it leaves them little ways to access health care. Access is greatly needed when looking at the health of the nation. Without access to health care people end up dying from preventable and curable diseases that could have been prevented if they had access to health care. I propose that there are more free clinics for those who cannot afford health care or insurance, so that they are able to get the care they need when they need it. Access in America is important to those Americans who cannot afford to pay for their own or have a job that provides it. Aiding people in getting care should be easily done with all of the money put into health care. Access is not the only problem, even with people that have health insurance there is a lack of information given out or a lack

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