Healthcare, Preventive Care, And Utilization Of Services Essay

1032 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
The following research paper will discuss the following topics of access to healthcare, preventive care, and utilization of services available to the population of the United States throughout their life span. Access to healthcare in the United States is an important topic being discussed in the medical arena today. Hospitals, clinics, and emergency centers are showing everywhere in the larger communities.
So what is the problem with access? It begins with the ability to pay (obtain insurance or the money to pay), physical access to the medical facilities, and the knowledge of what services are available. A new mother residing in a small community does not have public or private transportation to the newborn clinic that is over 15 miles away. Her child is now placed in the position of not receiving “available” and necessary newborn care. Infant mortality is affected by prenatal care as well as postnatal follow up care. It is defined by “…the number of deaths under the age of one year among children born alive” (Kovner & Jonas, 2011, p. 30). The deaths may be due to illness or injury. The following ranking was chosen because without access to healthcare, prevention, and utilization of available services is not possible. The least important of the three factors contributing to the reduction of infant mortality is prevention of disease or injury. Prevention is a key activity to avoid disease or injury, but without access to healthcare or consistent utilization of health…

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