Making Ink Out of Tea Bags Essay

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Topic: “Ink out of Teabags”
Essential Questions:
1. What is an ink? And it’s purpose?
2. What is the history of ink?
3. What is a tea?
4. What is the history of tea?
5. How can a tea bag produce an ink?
6. How can vinegar strengthen the colour of the product (ink)?
7. Can corn starch contribute to achieve the right consistency of the ink?
8. Are the process of boiling and straining efficient in taking the extract out of the tea bags?
9. Is the ink made from tea bag different from the normal inks that producers use?
10. How can we be sure that there are no harmful chemicals in tea bags?
11. Is using alternative materials like tea bags in making ink can save more money than the usual materials used?
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The first ink for writing and drawing was invented simultaneously in China and Egypt, around 2500 BC. This first ink was made of lampblack (soot) mixed with aqueous binders.
Ink formulas vary, but commonly involve two components: * Colorants * Vehicles (binders)
Inks generally fall into four classes:[1] * Aqueous * Liquid * Paste * Powder
Pigment inks are used more frequently than dyes because they are more color-fast, but they are also more expensive, less consistent in color, and have less of a color range than dyes.[1]

Pigments are solid, opaque particles suspended in ink to provide color.[1] Pigment molecules typically link together in crystalline structures that are 0.1–2 µm in size and comprise 5–30 percent of the ink volume.[1] Qualities such as hue, saturation, and lightness vary depending on the source and type of pigment.

Dye-based inks are generally much stronger than pigment-based inks and can produce much more color of a given density per unit of mass. However, because dyes are dissolved in the liquid phase, they have a tendency to soak into paper, making the ink less efficient and potentially allowing the ink to bleed at the edges of an image.
To circumvent this problem, dye-based inks are made with solvents that dry rapidly or are

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