Making A Move On The Restaurant Business World Essay

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When making a move in the restaurant business world, there are many factors you need to take into account. An adjustment often overlooked is changes within management and staff of restaurants. Moving locations is the perfect opportunity to make some alterations and changes without causing any major disruptions within your business.
Based on the change of location, we have also predicted a target-market change. The new location will appeal less to families, and more to the college crowd. The Target-market change makes sense when the population of Ames is compared to the total number of enrolled students. The 2010 census reported that the population in the City of Ames is 58,965 (City of Ames, 2010). This number includes the number of students enrolled at Iowa State University, which (in 2010) was 26,862. Essentially, half of the population of Ames is students. The number of students that attend Iowa State University is also, on average, increasing.
The competition has also been accounted for, specifically establishments that serve breakfast style-foods. We predict that the main competitor will be the Stomping Grounds. However, this establishment is more formal and has higher prices. The competition between the Grove and Stomping Grounds will be minimal with our target market due to the different atmosphere and pricing.

Primary Research
Before entering the Grove to observe, finding a place to park was difficult. All parking on Main Street is metered and…

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