Maggi Marketing Strategy

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Nestle Maggi – Product overview
Nestle India Ltd has launched Maggi in 1982 in India. It is a brand of instant noodle manufactured by Nestle. It was founded by the Maggi family in Switzerland in 19th century. The brand is popular in many countries including India, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. The maggi company merged with Nestle in 1947 and today it is a leading culinary brand and part of the Nestle family of fine food and beverages. Their main focus is on health with the tagline “Good food , Good life to all consumers”. Nestle came to India seeing the huge market potential.
Initial struggle for Maggi
At first when they came to India they have confronted a considerable measure of battle and obstacles. The essential
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They knew that the noodles industry is new in India and people will not accept it easily. For tackling this they have chosen right target consumers and marketed them by providing free samples in school and giving pencil and books etc. In their advertising campaign also they have made clear that it can be prepared in 2 minutes and hence the name 2 minutes noodles. Above all the taste of Maggi is very delicious and 95% of the consumers like Maggi a lot. The Maggi masala gives a Indian touch to the …show more content…
Hence maggi is the product that has created the awareness amongst the mass about the noodles. Hence brand recall and brand awareness of Maggi is highest in comparison to other products. Hence maggi has leveraged the first mover advantage.

• Change in positioning and line extension: With the changing demand of consumers and lifestyle of consumers maggi is constantly changed themselves in terms of positioning and advertising taglines. With the increasing number of health conscious consumers they have extended themselves into atta maggi which is healthier compared to traditional 2 minutes maggi. To much of surprise the atta maggi didn’t do well in the market and today also 90% of the revenue come from traditional 2 minutes maggi.

• Packaging and taping the rural market: Maggi is also successful in taping the rural market by coming in small pack priced at Rs 5. This was a major success factor for them as noodles industry was meant for urban customer only but Maggi tappet the rural market as well with this

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