Case Study Of Mango

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In tropical countries mango is usually titled as king of fruits because of its exotic flavor and smell. Myanmar is one of tropical countries that produce mangoes. Among thousands of varieties, Sein-Talone is Myanma Original mango species, which is best of the best among its varieties. We started exporting it to Singapore and received positive market responses. Since our first international market expansion is quite successful, we plans to export to another new market, Korea, which is still in the process. Furthermore, we choose Japan as the third international market for our lush mangoes. Japan is East Asian, Pacific Oceania island country. Its economy is third largest in the world and world’s fourth largest in exporting and importing.
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Moreover, we have to embrace multiculturalism in this unfamiliar business environment where potential of misperceptions is high. (Weakness)

Industry Level Analysis
To get a sense of what and who are we dealing with, we have analyzed the industry of Japan imported fruit market as follows.

➢ Competitors
There is a threat of existing importers from Philippines, India, Thailand, US and Canada. (Threat)
➢ New Entrants
Other Importers are also interested, as there is a significant market potential. (Threat)
➢ Substitutes
Other varieties of mangos are also available in the market. Fruits are homogeneous goods, so enormous amount of branding and positioning efforts will have to be applied. (Weakness)
➢ Suppliers
Produces are depending highly on suppliers, both in terms of quality and quantity. (Weakness)
➢ Buyers
Japan is new market for Sein-Talone and vice versa we are new sellers to them too, so low level of awareness must be expected. Gaining customers’ attention is crucial for further business operation and extension. (Weakness)

Possible Modes of Entry
After identifying S.W.O.T of this new market, we need to identify the modes of how should our produce will enter into Japan market. There will be three suitable mode of entry for us.


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