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Left Ventricular Assistive Device (LVAD)
Teaching Plan


Goal for Teaching Sessions:
Inform the patient of what is a LVAD
Inform the patient on the purpose(s) for having a LVAD
Inform the patients on components of the LVAD system and their maintenance/management
Inform patient of potential physiologic problems that can occur after placement of LVAD
Inform/Instruct the patient to lifestyle alterations in reference to activities of daily living
Inform patient on how to respond to emergencies such as a failed battery or other loss of power to LVAD

Setting for Teaching:
The teaching of the patient was performed in a hospital room with the lights on. The television was turned off and the patient was
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A LVAD is a left ventricular assistive device which is a mechanical pump that is used to pump blood to your whole body in the presence of heart failure.
2. Patient are placed on LVAD for 3 reasons: awaiting a heart transplant, during or after a surgery until they can recover, or if a patient is not eligible for a heart transplant (destination therapy).
3. Heartware LVAD system has 9 components that a patient should become familiar with; the pump which is surgically implanted in the pericardium and above the diaphragm; the controller which provide control signals to the pump and provides feedback and alarms to the patient regarding the device; the battery which powers the pump and entails having 2 batteries or 1 battery with AC adapter or 1 battery with DC adapter at all times. When the battery becomes depleted (approx. 6 hours) the system automatically switches to standby battery only and the depleted battery must be replaced. The battery charger which can simultaneously charge 4 batteries at one time and can also test the batteries as well. The patient pack is a case that holds the controller and 2 battery packs and can be carried over the shoulder or worn around the waist. Controller AC adapter uses power from an electrical outlet to power controller. A Controller DC adapter uses power from a motor vehicle to power controller. There is also an Alarm Adapter which is a small red adapter inserted into

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