Essay on Love Is The Secret Of Love

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Many wonder what is love, what does it feel like, how do you know? Listen to me. Here I am a young, high school student, here to define a word that has so many meanings. Love can be a definition a variety of things or periods of time throughout someone’s live. It can be the love that you feel for a family member, a significant other, a pet, a subject and even an object. There is no specific definition for love. Listen to me. Listen to me without judgement. Love is an overwhelming feeling that can completely turn your life around, for the better or for the worse. A true leader and religious sister, Mother Teresa, once said, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love” (Teresa 1). She had found the secret to love. Is there really a secret? Love is and can be described as many different things, yet ultimately love is hurt.
Love is simply unbalanced. It is a rollercoaster with constant ups and downs. Love comes and goes. Love is created and destroyed. Love can be a state of true happiness or a state of true sadness. In a single moment love can go from making you feel on top of the world to making you feel like the lowest thing on Earth. It could be the best thing and the worst. Love is chaotic, crazy and anything but straight forward and understandable, but most of all love is unstable.
Love is happiness. It is a feeling you have when you are truly happy. Listen to me when I say that love can be found at any point in…

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