Love Is Not Enough For A Relationship Essay

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Love. So complicated, yet so simple. It is as rudimentary as breathing, sleeping, and eating. But, why is it so overpowering? Why is it that when I am engulfed in its sweet fluorescent ocean that I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can hardly breath without thinking about him. It seems silly right? To let an emotion take over my logical thought process. How is it that I can be so on course, so on track, but suddenly I see Mr. Right and I am fleeing in every direction like a madman? Unfortunately, as much as I want to sit here a preach, “You go girl! You go after your man! Follow your heart!,” that would be ill advised. The truth is that love is not enough for a relationship. You must listen to your brain in order to find your emotional salvation.
If we were Superman, then love would be our Kryptonite. What is it that releases those butterflies? Is it the instinctive desires for the feelings of affection? Is it the romanticized drama of “is he thinking of me too? Oh God, please let him think of me at least half as much as I think of him.” I know when I personally begin to “catch feels”, I have to sit down, splash water on my face, and repeatedly tell myself to stop. This ultimately gets me nowhere and of course concludes with me laying on the floor talking

Stickler 2 to my friend, Helena. Usually, the conversation is a montage of me making a groaning sound begging her to cast a magic spell making the feelings go away.
“But climbing the walls gets me nowhere” and I…

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