Essay on Logistics Training and Development

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Rewards And Recognition
Some of our awards:
Employee of the Month: Individual Business verticals have instituted the employee of the month award. These awards are given to employees to recognize and appreciate their outstanding contribution.
Employee of the Quarter: The Employee of the Quarter awards are given to employees who have a positive, professional attitude, excellent customer service and are respectful of organizational policies. Adherence to our core values, innovation, being helpful to co-workers, exhibiting good customer service and people skills, and a record of good attendance are the main criteria.
Long Service Awards: Employees who complete five years and ten years with the organization are rewarded for their loyalty.
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Many times businesses – whether it be the Director, HR, Managers – know they have a problem but don’t know how to solve it. Often thinking about the solution can seem solely to increase the stress.
ATS – an RTO to Make Training Easy
ATS understand the pressures faced by businesses. That is why we offer business unit managers because it is easier for businesses to deal directly with one person.
As an RTO, ATS is able to offer advice on available government funding to reduce the costs of training or offer free workplace training options in some cases.
The business unit manager listens to the issues being faced in the business and the desired outcomes. They don’t then make business fit qualifications, they make training programs to fit the business.
For businesses with many different aspects to them – such as organisations with warehousing, manufacturing, admin and training staff – ATS has a range of qualifications they are accredited to deliver across each of those areas.
ATS is accredited to deliver over 90 qualifications nationally because we believe it makes it easier for businesses to access workplace training if the training can be delivered by one provider and delivered nationally.
When a workplace training program is developed to meet the needs of a business, ATS then manages the entire process from sign up, to delivery, to certification.
Workplace Training Benefits
There are key benefits from

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